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Thanks to many years of experience, Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd has developed a reputation for high quality and brilliant customer service. If you are in the Staffordshire area and are searching for furniture upholstery or restoration, you are in the right place. We are ideally placed to help with all your upholstery needs, so if you would like to discuss any new project, please contact us today.

Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd has knowledge and experience in both traditional and modern upholstery. From basic top fabric recovering to a full 'stripped back to frame' process, resulting in a complete renovation of an individual piece, we transform your damaged, worn or just out of date furniture into something to be admired, loved and enjoyed once again. Many customers just love their seating, and the life of your upholstered furniture depends on the type of filling used but more importantly, the quality of the frame is the deciding factor. If you have a well-made piece with a reasonable, quality hardwood frame, consider re-covering it with new upholstery, as this may well last longer than a new chair or sofa.

Who is Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd?

At Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd, we specialise in traditional and modern upholstery, including the re-covering of Laura Ashley, G plan, Marks & Spencer, Duresta and Parker Knoll furniture, to name but a few. Traditional upholstery is a craft that dates back from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and uses natural organic materials such as horsehair or coir (coconut) fibre, hessian or linen, and tacks for fixing and it employs sophisticated stitching techniques to make firmly stitched edges. It is labour intensive but involves real skill and is a treat to do. Modern upholstery is usually more appropriate for post-second world war furniture. It uses synthetic foam as stuffing and staples for fixing and usually is much quicker to do than traditional upholstery.

Residential Furniture Upholstery

We all like our homes to look their best and your furniture upholstery is an essential part of this. Whether you have an existing piece of furniture that needs a bit of TLC or you have picked up an Antique piece of furniture that you want to bring into the modern era, Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd has the experience and knowledge to understand how to create a unique piece that can last a lifetime. Additionally, we have the years of experience necessary to ensure no damage is caused to your furniture during the process. If you would like to discuss your furniture’s upholstery, contact one of our experienced team and we will be happy to help.

Commercial Furniture Upholstery

Professionally upholstered furniture can be a great addition to many commercial spaces. From restaurants and waiting rooms to office and meeting rooms. Here at Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd, we have developed our skills over the years to ensure we provide the best possible service to every customer. Whether you have Antique or modern furniture, we will do everything possible to meet your needs. This could be the fabric or style of working to a deadline for a grand opening. You can put your trust in Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project, please contact our excellent team today.

Why choose Timothy Warr Antique Restoration Ltd?

With our team of master craftsmen, upholsterers and machinists, we specialise in high quality bespoke handmade upholstered furniture using modern and traditional methods. All our furniture is handmade using hardwood frames and quality components such as wade springs. Our collection ranges from headboards, footstools and dining chairs to wing chairs, chaises and three-piece suites. As well as supplying private clients, we work closely with interior designers and more recently have supplied John Partridge with a small collection of stools, chairs and sofas, which we are looking to expand. Our bespoke furniture is handmade to order, three-piece so you can choose your exact size along with the fabric or leather to create a truly stunning focal piece. We are a small business offering a personal and friendly service and are always happy to accommodate specific requests to make a truly bespoke service. You can either choose from our current models listed below or send us an image of a piece you would like to make.

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for providing brilliant service in addition to our outstanding products. With many happy customers, we are still excited by every new project that comes our way. With a passion for upholstery and an eye for detail, we are confident that we will not only meet but exceed your expectations. If you require professional upholstery, contact us today.

We are also proud to offer a full range of fantastic restoration services, including furniture repairs and furniture polishing. Thanks to our years of experience, we are your one-stop-shop for all your furniture restoration needs. Additionally, we are also proud to offer a range of professionally re-upholstered furniture. If you would like to discuss our current stock, please contact us.

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Contact our brilliant team today if you are in the Staffordshire area and have a new exciting restoration project. We still enjoy the excitement of a new challenging project. From fabric to leather, we have the materials and expertise to produce a piece of furniture you will be proud of.

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